Updated: March 30, 2023

Earwigs are a common pest in many gardens and homes. Their long, slender bodies and pincer-like appendages can be intimidating, but they are actually harmless to humans. However, many people are curious about who eats these creepy crawlies. In this article, we will explore the surprising answer to the question: who eats earwigs?

Predators of Earwigs

Earwigs have a number of predators that feed on them in various stages of their life cycle. Some of the most common predators include:


Many bird species feed on earwigs, including robins, wrens, and chickadees. These birds are especially fond of feeding on earwig nymphs, which are smaller and more vulnerable than adult earwigs.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Lizards, frogs, and toads are also known to eat earwigs. These predators tend to target adult earwigs rather than nymphs.


Several insect species feed on earwigs, including ground beetles and centipedes. Some species of wasps also use earwigs as a food source for their larvae.

Why Do Predators Eat Earwigs?

So why do these animals choose to eat earwigs? There are several reasons why earwigs make a good food source:

High Protein Content

Earwigs are rich in protein, making them an attractive food source for predators looking to build muscle and energy.

Easy to Catch

Earwigs are slow-moving creatures that spend much of their time hiding under rocks and other debris. This makes them an easy target for predators that can quickly snatch them up.


Earwigs are found all over the world and in many different habitats. This means that predators have plenty of opportunities to feed on them.

Do Humans Eat Earwigs?

While earwigs are not commonly eaten by humans in most parts of the world, they are considered a delicacy in some cultures. In Japan, for example, fried earwigs are a popular snack food. In parts of Africa, earwigs are used as a source of protein and are often boiled or roasted before being eaten.


Are earwigs harmful to humans?

No, earwigs are not harmful to humans. While their pincers can be intimidating, they are not strong enough to cause any real damage.

Can earwigs fly?

No, earwigs do not have wings and are unable to fly.

How can I get rid of earwigs in my garden?

There are several ways to control earwig populations in your garden. These include:

  • Removing debris and clutter where earwigs like to hide
  • Applying diatomaceous earth around plants and garden beds
  • Using insecticidal soap or other natural pest control methods

Can I keep earwigs as pets?

While it is technically possible to keep earwigs as pets, they are not particularly interesting or engaging creatures and are not recommended as pets.


Earwigs may be considered pests by many people, but they play an important role in the ecosystem as a food source for many different predators. From birds to reptiles to insects, there are a wide variety of animals that rely on earwigs for sustenance. While humans may not commonly eat these creepy crawlies, they are consumed in some cultures and can even be considered a delicacy.