Updated: December 27, 2022

Yes! Cedarwood Oil is an awesome way to repel mosquitoes , as they are extremely responsive to powerful smells like cedarwood. This organic mosquito deterrent is simple to make and uses.

How Does Cedarwood Deter Mosquitoes?

Cedarwood is a very essential oil with strong ingredients that deter mosquitoes from coming close to it.

Cedarwood‘s powerful scent is overwhelming to mosquitoes, and causes them to flee in fear.

Can Cedarwood Kill Mosquitoes?

They’re at risk of the strong smell . They could be very quickly killed when they come into contact with essential oils.

How To Use Cedarwood Oil To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

The most sufficient way to use cedarwood oils to get rid of mosquitoes is to water down the essential oil with water in the spray bottle. You will then use thespray at the precise locations you’d like to keep mosquitoes from.

To create the cedarwood oil spray, follow these steps.

  • The spray bottle should be filled up with tap water about 3/4 of the way.
  • Mix in about 15-20 drops of cedarwood oil into the water to dilute the mixture , but you will not require too much.
  • Spray only the areas that you desire to get rid of mosquitoes. This includes window sills as well as door frames, and the base of your bed.

More Annoying Pests That Can Be Deterred By Cedarwood

Cedarwood is an excellent way to repel mosquitoes However, it’s also incredible at fighting other prevalent pests such as the critters listed below.

Other Powerful Oils That Can Deter Mosquitoes

So Is Cedarwood A Powerful Natural Mosquito Deterrent?

If you try using Cedarwood Oil to deter mosquitoes but it’s not working, it’s an ideal idea to contact a professional in pest control to look. If the problem is very significant, they may need recourse to very powerful insecticides. However, I believe it’s better to test the natural options initially, if you can.