Updated: December 27, 2022

Pine Oil is a great option to repel fleas. They are sensitive to powerful aromas such as pine. This common flea repellent is simple to prepare and use.

How Will Pine Repel Fleas?

Pine is a very strong essential oil with potent compounds that deter fleas from coming near it.

Pine‘s powerful scent is overwhelming to fleas, and causes fleas to flee to hide.

Can Pine Kill Fleas?

They’re vulnerable to the strong smell . They could be very quickly killed if they get in contact with essential oils.

How To Use Pine Oil To Get Rid Of Fleas

The most sufficient method to utilize pine oil to rid yourself of fleas is to water down the essential oil with water in a spray bottle that you will then apply the spray at the specific locations that you’d prefer to deter fleas from.

Below are the basic steps you’ll want to make pine oil spray.

  • Fill an empty spray bottle with 3/4 of the way with water.
  • Drop about 14 to 17 drops of pine oil to the water, in order to water down the mix as you do not require too much.
  • Spray only on the areas you wish to deter fleas. This includes window sills, door frames and base of your bed.

More Pests That May Be Repelled By Pine

Pine is such an impressive way to deter fleas It’s also great in dealing with other everyday pests like those listed down below.

Some Other Strong Oils That Can Repel Fleas

Is Pine An Effective Natural Flea Repellent?

If you try using Pine Oil to deter fleas but it’s not working, it may be recommended to call a specialist in pest control to take a look. It could be necessary to apply some kind of chemical insecticide if the problem is quite intense, but my opinion is that the best option is to always try organic methods initially if the problem isn’t urgent.