Updated: February 22, 2023

Earwigs are one of the most commonly found pests in gardens, homes, and farms. They are easily recognized by their pair of pincers at the end of their bodies. Earwigs are not harmful to humans, but they can be a nuisance when they invade homes and gardens. While there are many chemical insecticides available in the market to get rid of earwigs, many people prefer natural remedies. Ginger is one such natural remedy that is believed to repel earwigs. In this article, we will explore whether ginger indeed repels earwigs and how to use it effectively.

The Earwig Infestation Problem

Earwigs prefer damp and dark places to hide during the day and come out at night to feed on plants and insects. They can be found in cracks, crevices, and damp areas around homes and gardens. Earwigs can cause damage to crops, flowers, and vegetables in gardens. Inside homes, they can be a nuisance as they invade food storage areas and hide in damp corners of the house.

Ginger as a Natural Remedy

Ginger is a popular spice used in cooking around the world. It has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties as well. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it an effective natural remedy for various ailments. It is also believed to have insect-repelling properties.

Purpose of the Article

The purpose of this article is to explore whether ginger can indeed repel earwigs and how to use it effectively as a natural remedy.

Ginger’s Properties

Ginger contains several chemical compounds that give it its characteristic flavor and aroma. These compounds are also responsible for its insect-repelling properties. The main compounds found in ginger that repel insects are shogaols and zingerone.

How Ginger Repels Insects

Shogaols and zingerone found in ginger act as repellents by affecting the nervous system of insects. These compounds interfere with the neurotransmitters in the insect’s nervous system, causing confusion and disorientation. This makes it difficult for them to locate sources of food or habitat.

Benefits of Using Ginger Instead of Chemical Insecticides

Using ginger as an insect repellent has several benefits over using chemical insecticides. Chemical insecticides can be harmful to humans, pets, and the environment. Ginger is non-toxic and safe for use around humans and pets. It is also biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly option.

Effectiveness of Ginger in Repelling Earwigs

Several research studies have been conducted to determine whether ginger is effective in repelling earwigs. Most studies have shown that ginger does have insect-repelling properties that can be effective against earwigs.

Research Studies on Ginger and Earwigs

One study conducted by researchers at Taiwan’s National Chung Hsing University found that shogaols extracted from ginger were effective against several types of insects, including earwigs.

Experiments on Ginger Use

Many gardeners and homeowners have reported success in using ginger to repel earwigs. One experiment involved placing slices of ginger around plants in a garden bed infested with earwigs. The experiment showed that earwig infestation was reduced significantly after placing ginger slices around plants.

Testimonials from People Who Have Used Ginger to Repel Earwigs

Several people have reported success in using ginger as an insect repellent against earwigs. They have found that ginger works effectively without causing harm to plants or the environment.

How to Use Ginger to Repel Earwigs

Using ginger to repel earwigs is easy and requires only a few simple steps.

Preparing Ginger Solution

To prepare a ginger solution, chop fresh ginger into small pieces and add them to boiling water. Let the mixture simmer for 30 minutes before straining out the solids.

Applying Ginger Solution

Apply the ginger solution around plants or garden beds where earwig infestation is prevalent. You can also spray the solution inside your home in areas where you see earwigs.

Other Ways to Use Ginger to Repel Earwigs

Besides using ginger solution, you can also place slices of fresh ginger around affected areas or use powdered ginger sprinkled on plants or soil.


In conclusion, using ginger as a natural remedy to repel earwigs has several benefits over using chemical insecticides. Numerous research studies have shown that ginger does have insect-repelling properties that make it an effective alternative to chemical insecticides. Using ginger is safe for humans, pets, and the environment while being biodegradable at the same time. So why not try using ginger next time you encounter an earwig infestation?