Updated: December 27, 2022

Cinnamon Oil can be used to deter ticks. They are sensitive to strong scents like cinnamon. This essential tick deterrent is easy to make and use.

How Does Cinnamon Deter Ticks?

Cinnamon has powerful compounds that make it a very powerful essential oil that helps deter ticks from getting close to the area where it is scented.

Cinnamon‘s strong scent is overwhelming for ticks, and it makes them run for cover.

Does Cinnamon Kill Ticks?

The strong smell is a threat to them and should they come in contact with the essential oil it could cause them to die quickly.

How To Use Cinnamon Oil To Get Rid Of Ticks

The best way to use cinnamon oils to get rid of ticks is by diluting the essential oil using water and then transferring it to an aerosol bottle that you can spray on the specific locations that you’d prefer to keep ticks from.

To make the cinnamon oil spray, you must follow these easy steps.

  • The spray bottle should be filled with tap water to 3/4 of the way.
  • Drop roughly 13 – 19 drops of cinnamon oil to the water to water down the mixture , but it doesn’t require too much.
  • Spray in very specific places where you’d want to keep ticks from such as window sills, doors, the bases of your mattress and everywhere else you’re concerned.

More Pests That Are Deterred By Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an excellent way to repel ticks However, it’s also fantastic at tackling other pests that are prevalent, like the ones listed below.

Some More Great Oils That Really Do Deter Ticks

Is Cinnamon A Powerful Natural Tick Deterrent?

If Cinnamon Oil is not working is it worthwhile to contact a pest control specialist to inspect the situation. If the issue is serious, they may have recourse to strong chemical insecticide. But, I think it’s better to test natural things first if possible.