Updated: December 27, 2022

Yes Tea Tree Oil is an easy method to repel ticks since they are sensitive to powerful smells like tea tree. It is a potent natural tick deterrent that is very simple and quick to create and use.

How Does Tea Tree Repel Ticks?

Tea Tree has very powerful ingredients that makes it a potent essential oil that helps to deter ticks from getting near the area of the scent.

Tea Tree‘s strong scent is overwhelming to ticks and makes them to flee for safety.

Does Tea Tree Kill Ticks?

They’re vulnerable to the strong scent and could be very quickly killed when they come in contact with essential oils.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Ticks

Tea Tree oil can be used to repel ticks. You can water down the oil using water to create the spray container. Spray the areas you want to.

These are the steps to create tea tree oil spray.

  • Fill a spray bottle 3/4 of the way full of water.
  • Drop around 14 to 22 drops of tea tree oil to the water to water down the mixture , but it doesn’t need any.
  • Spray only on the areas you want to keep ticks away from. This includes window sills, door frames and base of your bed.

More Pests That May Be Deterred By Tea Tree

Tea Tree is an excellent way of keeping ticks away. It also works wonders at controlling other pests , such as those below.

Some Other Powerful Oils That Really Do Deter Ticks

Is Tea Tree An Effective Natural Tick Deterrent?

If Tea Tree Oil is not working is it worth calling a pest control specialist to look into the issue. If the issue is intense, they may need recourse to strong insecticides. But, I think it’s better to test natural things initially, if it is a possible option.