Updated: December 27, 2022

Canola Oil is a great option to deter ticks. They are sensitive to strong scents like canola. This essential repellent for ticks is simple to prepare and use.

How Will Canola Deter Ticks?

Canola contains strong compounds that create a potent essential oil that assists in preventing ticks from getting close to the scents location.

Canola‘s scent is very powerful and overwhelming for the ticks which causes them to run away and cover themselves.

Can Canola Kill Ticks?

The strong scent is dangerous to them and if they come into contact with essential oils, it can kill them very quickly.

How To Use Canola Oil To Get Rid Of Ticks

Canola oil can be used to keep ticks away. You can water down the oil using water to make a spray bottle . Spray the desired areas.

To make the canola oil spray, follow these simple steps.

  • Fill the spray bottle with tap water about 3/4 of the way.
  • Mix 12 – 17 drops of the canola essential oils into the bottle of water to reduce it.
  • Spray only in the spots that you wish to keep ticks away from like window sills, doors, the bases of your bed , and everywhere else you are concerned about.

Other Annoying Pests That Are Repelled By Canola

Canola is a fantastic way of keeping ticks away. However, it can also help in the fight against other pests , such as those below.

Other Great Oils Which Usually Repel Ticks

So Is Canola A Useful Natural Tick Repellent?

If you try to use Canola Oil to deter ticks and it fails, it might be recommended to call a pest control expert in to take a look. If the issue is overwhelming, they may have to resort to using a strong chemicals. However, I believe it’s best to use natural solutions first, if it is possible.