Updated: December 27, 2022

Yes! Thieves Oil is a great way to repel cockroaches , as they are very responsive to powerful scents like thieves. This common cockroach deterrent is very easy to prepare and use.

How Does Thieves Deter Cockroaches?

Thieves is a potent blend of ingredients that create a powerful essential oil that helps deter cockroaches from coming near the area of the scent.

Thieves‘s fragrance is extremely strong and overwhelming for cockroaches. This causes them to flee and to hide.

Can Thieves Kill Cockroaches?

They’re vulnerable to the strong smell and can be killed very quickly when they come in contact with essential oils.

How To Use Thieves Oil To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

The most practical way to use thieves oil to get rid of cockroaches is by diluting the essential oil using water and then transferring it to the spray bottle. You can spray on the specific locations that you wish to deter cockroaches from.

These are the simple steps you’ll want to create thieves oil spray.

  • The spray bottle should be filled up with tap water 3/4 of the way.
  • Add approximately 15-20 drops of thieves oil into the water, in order to water down (dilute) the mix as it does not need any.
  • Spray in specific area which you’d want to keep cockroaches away from like window sills door frames, the bottom of your bed and anywhere you’re concerned about.

More Pests That Are Repelled By Thieves

Thieves is a great method to keep cockroaches away. It is also sufficient in controlling other insects, like those below.

Other Potent Oils That Usually Deter Cockroaches

So Is Thieves An Effective Natural Cockroach Deterrent?

If Thieves Oil is not working It’s worth calling a pest control expert to examine the situation. If the problem is overwhelming, they may have to use a very strong chemicals. But, I think it is best to try natural alternatives initially, if it is a possible option.