Updated: December 27, 2022

Yes! Tea Tree Oil is an awesome method to repel cockroaches since they are highly receptive to powerful aromas such as tea tree. It is a potent natural cockroach repellent that is very easy to get ready and use.

How Will Tea Tree Repel Cockroaches?

Tea Tree is an extremely strong essential oil with potent compounds that discourage cockroaches from getting close to it.

Tea Tree‘s strong scent is a hazard to cockroaches, and makes them to flee in fear.

Does Tea Tree Kill Cockroaches?

They’re at risk of the strong scent and could be quickly killed if they get in contact with essential oils.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

The most sufficient way to use tea tree oil for getting rid of cockroaches is to water down (dilute) the essential oil by adding water into an aerosol bottle that you can spray on the areas you’d prefer to keep cockroaches from.

Here’s the simple steps needed to create tea tree oil spray.

  • Fill with a spray bottle 3/4 the way full of tap water.
  • Mix 15 – 16 drops of the tea tree essential oils into the bottle of water to reduce it.
  • Spraying in certain spots where you’d prefer to keep cockroaches out of like window sills door frames, at the base of your bed and any else you are concerned about.

Other Annoying Pests That Can Be Deterred By Tea Tree

Tea Tree is an excellent method of keeping cockroaches away. It also is amazing at controlling other insects, like those below.

More Powerful Oils That Can Repel Cockroaches

So Is Tea Tree A Useful Natural Cockroach Deterrent?

If Tea Tree Oil is not working is it an idea to call a pest control expert to see the situation. If the issue is intense, they may have recourse to strong chemicals. But, I think it’s best to use organic solutions initially if possible.