Updated: December 27, 2022

Yes! Tea Tree Oil is a simple way to repel bed bugs , as they are extremely sensitive to powerful scents such as tea tree. This is a powerful organic bed bug repellent that is very simple to create and begin using.

How Does Tea Tree Repel Bed Bugs?

Tea Tree is a very potent essential oil that has powerful ingredients that discourage bed bugs from getting close to it.

Tea Tree‘s fragrance is powerful and overwhelming for the bed bugs, causing them to run away and to hide.

Can Tea Tree Kill Bed Bugs?

They’re at risk of the strong smell and can be very quickly killed when they come into contact with essential oils.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

The most impressive method to utilize tea tree oils to get rid of bed bugs is by diluting the essential oil using water in a spray bottle that you can then spray into the specific locations that you’d want to keep bed bugs from.

Here are the easy to followsteps you’ll want to make tea tree oil spray.

  • Fill a spray bottle 3/4 of the way with water.
  • Mix 15 drops of essential oil of tea tree in the water to make it less diluted.
  • Spraying in certain locations where you’d want to keep bed bugs from like window sills doors, the bases of your bed , and everywhere you’re concerned about.

Other Pests That Can Be Deterred By Tea Tree

Tea Tree is an excellent method of keeping bed bugs away but it’s also incredibly effective at dealing with other everyday pests such as the ones we have listed below.

Other Scented Oils Which May Repel Bed Bugs

So Is Tea Tree A Useful Organic Bed Bug Deterrent?

If you’ve tried Tea Tree Oil to deter bed bugs but it’s not working, it may be an ideal idea to contact a professional in pest control for a visit. It could be necessary to apply some kind of chemical insecticide in the event that the issue is extreme, but I believe the best option is to try the organic method initially if the problem isn’t urgent.